Self-discovery is of great importance for an individual, through it he can identify all the advantages and disadvantages of his personality, and accordingly, the individual begins to choose the right works for him, and despite the difficulty of the task of self-discovery, there are a set of simple ways that an individual can rely on, the most prominent of which are the following:-

Good thinking about the future

The individual must determine his goals and ambitions, which he wants to achieve, and one of the best ways that can help him to do this is to prepare a list that includes all the goals, work to be accomplished, and now and then, another reminds himself of what he succeeded in achieving, and the individual may recall his past experiences, problems, and difficulties that he faced, and remembers only what he benefited from these experiences, because of course all this contributed to building his personality.

Non-adherence to the ideas and opinions of others

The individual must adopt a distinctive style of thinking, and try to separate his thoughts and the thoughts of those around him, and the individual doesn't need to care about what others think about him, and for this, he has to think very deeply, and ask himself from time to time, do his thoughts agree with the values and principles on which he


One of the most prominent things that help an individual to discover himself is his dependence on himself, his confidence in his abilities and skills, the more confident an individual is in himself, he will succeed in recognizing himself, and what distinguishes him from the traits, and for an individual to be able to do this, he must take responsibility without resorting to anyone, for example, he can think well about his future, or meet the requirements of the house, tasks, and duties required of him, and try to do them without default, and so on.

Getting rid of wrong habits and behaviors

The individual must be ready to get rid of undesirable habits and behaviors, for example, smoking or excessive eating of harmful foods and drinks, talking about others badly, and of course, the individual's development of his behaviors, and trying to get rid of such habits will reflect positively on his psychological state, and can also adopt habits and other behaviors that make him more comfortable and happy.

Arrangement and organization

An individual should arrange his life well, for example, he should arrange his room and office, and there is no doubt that it will protect him from chaos and its harmful effects, and it is necessary for an individual to determine his duties and rearrange them, for example, he should start implementing the most important at the beginning, and the individual should conserve his time, and allocate time to accomplish each of his things without default.

Overcoming circumstances and difficulties

An individual can sit alone in a quiet place to get rid of the inconvenience of those around him so that he can talk to himself in the circumstances and difficulties facing him, and it is worth noting that getting used to it has an effective effect on increasing one's activity, and will increase his sense of confidence, comfort, and this will enable him to find effective solutions to these circumstances away from the inconvenience and influence of others

Taking advantage of other people's advice

The task of self-discovery is one of the most difficult tasks that an individual can perform, and of course, t is possible to use someone he trusts, and this person must have previous experiences and experiences to be able to advise and guide him, and the individual should tell steps he is taking to a disc of, achieve his goals, and ask him if these steps are correct or not

Professional stability 

The search for a suitable job opportunity is difficult, and the more individual moves from one job to another, the more uncomfortable he feels, and therefore he has to determine the field in which he wants to work, and accordingly begins to look for ways that can be used so that he can find a job in this field, whether through taking training courses to develop his abilities, skills, training in a company or an organization in toin experience, or otherwise.

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