Causes of excess nervousness.. 10 ways to get rid of them


Causes of excess nervousness.. 10 ways to get rid of them

Causes of excess nervousness.. 10 ways to get rid of them

Learn about the causes of excessive nervousness in men and women and how to get rid of them to avoid problems and their aggravation

We usually get nervous in different situations and irritable, and this is due to a lot of factors that affect the nerves, psychological state, and mood of a person, and below we touch on the reasons that lead to excess nervousness, and how to overcome it.  

Causes of excess nervousness

1-Excess-excessive nervousness and irritability may be due to genetic factors, including the fact that one of the parents has ancestral nervousness and this affects the children.

Exposure to psychological problems, including-2 insomnia, anxiety, depression, and life pressures.

3 problems at work, daily routine, stress due to- various social problems.

4-Exposure to one of the incurable diseases causes the sick person to become very irritable and nervous.

5-One-women during menstruation every month and pregnancy are also exposed to nervousness, as a result of changes in hormones in the body.

6-One-when feeling fear, the body secrets the hormone adrenaline, which acts on nervousness and rapid emotions.

7-One-stay away from prayer and not pay attention to matters of religion 

How to overcome excess nervousness and irritability

1-  Stack-be sure to unload psychologically by expressing your inner worries and fears to a close person with whom you can talk about what is inside you.

One-do did not talk with people who give you-2 negative energy, which affects you exactly the opposite, and you have to get closer to positive people.

Breathing-practicing breathing exercises are-3 very important, including taking a deep breath from the nose and taking it out of the mouth, and repeating the exercise more than once a day.

-4One-before making any decision you should take the time to think, to avoid stress and anxiety.

One-stay away from eating fast food, which has-5 been proven by many studies to be one of the causes of nervousness and stress, and should be replaced with healthy foods that contain various nutrients that are beneficial to health.

One-eat foods that contain vitamin B, which-6 helps maintain the health of the brain and nervous system, this vitamin is found in nuts, cereals, peas, and beans.

One-Healthy Sleep helps you ride off excess-7 nervousness, and the number of hours of sleep should not be less than 8 hours.

One is careful to quit smoking and stay away-8 from alcohol and drugs because they are a major cause of stress, depression, and excess nervousness.

One is careful to exercise, as it reduces stress,-9 anxiety, nervousness, and emotion.

Night-reduce the use of mobile phones and-10 means of communication, especially before bedtime.

- Keeping the prayers on time, especially in the the-11 mosque

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